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Virtual Winter 1994/95

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Club Applauds Lee Strong's Resignation


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"He's Scottish."

The regular First Friday in November business meeting convened at 9:30, 4 November 1994. Treasurer Bob MacIntosh thought he would have to preside in the absence of the President and Vice President, and because the Secretary doesn't want to. Alexis Gilliland started his pigeon imitations, calling, "Coup. Coup. Coup." However, the situation was saved when President Covert Beach walked in, evil eye, sprained arm and all. "Let's get the show on the road," he said.

Asked for a word of wisdom, Secretary Lee Strong said, "Word."

Steve Fetheroff volunteered for Third Friday.

Bob reported $2221.69 in the Treasury. There was a call for an austerity. No one called for a party.

Robyn Rissell reported for the Trustees that there would be an election meeting after the regular meeting. He asked that the reading of the WSFA members be waived. The club gave unanimous consent. Trustees' nominee for Disclave Chair 1997 Mike Nelson received some applause.

Lee Gilliland, Vice Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, reported that a 19 year old girl decided that her car would make a great lawn ornament. A parked car slipped into gear.

Paula Lewis, de facto Co-Chairfan of Disclave Past, said, "If you worked and got no Thank You, see me after the meeting."

Dan Hoey, Chairfan of Disclave Present (1995), announced Disclave parties at Psicon, Philcon, and Darkover. His car was rendered inoperative on Halloween.

Bob MacIntosh, Chairfan of Disclave Future, had nothing to say.

Peggy Rae Pavlat planned an Outreach Committee meeting.

Joe Mayhew was passing a sheet around.

Old Business

Robyn and Sylvia had volunteered to host the Third Friday in November and the First Friday in December. The club applauded. Chuck Divine will take the Third Friday meetings starting in November. There is a dress code: No ties except for Nixon masks, but John Sapienza is exempted.

New Business


The Secretary announced that Greg Bear will see Tom Schaad for details. (Or something like that. See Tom Schaad for details.)

Sylvia announced a conspiracy involving a major international corporation. General Motors offered her a job in Michigan. She accepted. Michigan is a heavily unionized state. Robyn is doing a job search and will follow her.

Mike Walsh has Fantasy Con flyers for writers and other wacky professionals. Lew Shiner won the Best Novel Hugo for Glimpses. Mike has the usual collection of books. Old Earth Books includes the Alan Steele collection All American Alien Boy.

Mike had great adventures with his girlfriend's car. The credit union give a loan for a new Saturn. John Pomeranz suggested, "So buy more books." Mike finished, "...Like Now We Are Sick."

Karl Edward Wagner died 13 Oct 94. Robert Bloch's body died recently. Read Locus.

Paula Lewis said, "Related to Scream for Jeeves, Mike is selling them." <If it has syntax, it isn't user friendly.>

The addition to Rebecca Prather's house, started last January, has finally achieved a certificate of occupancy.

Alexis has signed a contract with Dell for a novella for Analog.

Noted pirate Captain Lance Oszko announced a Baltimore Worldcon meeting. Also, he stole bought a Saturn that he will pay off in 4 years.

Dick Lynch has the latest MST3K schedule.

Joe Mayhew sold something [a cartoon] to Dell. He will receive a cartoon contract. {The mind boggles.}

Beth Zipser announced J.K. Potter tied for Best Artist Fantasy Award. Lawrence Watts-Evans is the new President of the Horror Writers of America.

A stranger in the back said that Miles _____ is seeking brinking space at Philcon. Steven __ moved to Raleigh, NC.

John Pomeranz found a house in Falls Church. Brian Lewis asked, "Has it found you?" The telephone is (703) JET LADY. John won a public interest law center prize: a sushi making lesson. Dick Roepke cheered, "Raw! Raw! Raw!" Don't egg him on, folks.

The Bureau of Printing and Engraving will print a stamp on the 100th Anniversary of newspaper comics.

Covert announced that the evil eye he is sporting is due to a close encounter with asphalt. Joe Mayhew remarked, "He's Scottish." Someone asked, "Were you wearing a kilt? Were you wearing clean underwear?" Joe Mayhew remarked, "He's Scottish." This jape brought some laughter.

The club unanimously adjourned at 10:00.


The Disclave 1997 Chairfan Election Meeting convened at 10:08. John Peacock acted for Dan Burgess. Mike Nelson was pronounced the Trustees' candidate and "You're crazy!" There was the usual parliamentary chaos before Mike was unanimously elected.


The "Lost" WSFA Journal is an official newsletter of the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA), Inc. All material is © 1994 and 1995 by WSFA, Inc.

President ........ Covert Beach
Vice President ...
... Terilee Edwards-Hewitt
Secretary .......... Joe Mayhew
Treasurer ....... Bob MacIntosh
Trustees ......... Dan Burgess,
Paula Lewis, and Robyn Rissell
Editor-in-Chief of The WSFA
Journal, 1995+ ... Joe Mayhew
Reporters ........ Jerry Berry,
Clark Kent, Alexander Knox,
Lois Lane, Nosie Parker,
Brett Reed, Vicki Vale
The Dustbin of History ...
... Lee Strong


The regular Third Friday in November business meeting convened at 9:16, 18 November 1994. President Covert Beach presided. Someone whose name has been lost recorded the minutes in the absence of Secretary Lee Strong.

Treasurer Bob MacIntosh reported $2224.00 in the Treasury.

There will be elections in the near future. Lee Strong will resign as Secretary and Robyn Rissell will resign as Trustee in January 1995. Robyn is going to the Great White North. Lee is just going to collapse.

Old Business

Chuck Divine passed out maps of the route to his abode. As far as parking goes, get there early and watch out for the RESERVED spaces.

New Business

There will be a Fifth Friday in December. Will there be a decision on a Fifth Friday party. Maybe at the next meeting.


Sylvia is unemployed til January 1995. Then she joins General Motors in Michigan.

We are unanimously OUT OF HERE.


"Rowdie Yates" is an imaginary generic WSFAn that Lee Strong quoted when he captured someone's words -- especially "rowdy" comments --, but not the speaker's name or identity.




Club Applauds

The regular First Friday in December convened at 9:20, 2 December 1994. President Covert Beach presided with the immortal words, "It's meeting time!"

* [Inserted] Lee Gilliland was blinking on and off. Chuck Divine's art collection features on site views of other planets. His music collection includes 13th Century music on contemporary discs.

Secretary Lee Strong had no WSFA Journal again. He announced that he will be resigning as Secretary in January 1995. The club applauded the news.

Treasurer Bob MacIntosh reported $2184.00 in the kitty. There was a call for a New Year's party, but we'll get to that under New Business.

Trustee Paula Lewis reported that there will be an election for Secretary soon.

Disclaves Past and Present were not present.

Bob MacIntosh, Chairfan of Disclave Near Term (1996), reported that Michael Swanwick will be Guest of Honor (GOH).

Mike Nelson, Chairfan of Disclave Far Future (1997), reported that Lissanne Lake will be Art GOH.

Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, reported that Larry Niven reported at Philcon that Jerry Pournelle has Newt Gingrich's home fone and is using it often. Gingrich is writing a book. It will be the baen of the literary world.

Old Business

There was limited interest in having a Fifth Friday in December.

New Business


Joe Mayhew announced a new science fiction magazine, Pirate Writings. This piqued Captain Oszko's attention.

A 10 point buck smashed into Dick Lynch's car not 30 feet off the Washington Beltway. They were eyeball to eyeball immediately after the last Third Friday WSFA meeting. Oh, dear!

Mike Walsh had a commercial announcement. He is selling a second book at half price, as well as giving easy credit. Lew Shiner Glimpses.

Lee Gilliland announced science fiction mailboxes for America On Line. Captain Lance Oszko observed that Jules Verne is eligible for a Hugo, having just published a new novel.

Chuck Divine welcomed people to his humble abode. On 6 January 1995, he is going skiing in Vermont. He will then be going to Bath, Ontario for March skiing.

The Secretary said something that wasn't worth recording.

People worth mentioning (if not mentioned above) included David Grimm, Chris Holte, Eric Jablow, Nicki Lynch, Barry, Judy and Meridel Newton, Dick Roepke, Bill Squire, Ron Taylor, and Michael Watkins.

Bob moved that we adjourn and we unanimously adjourned at 9:32.


New Network in Works?

The regular Third Friday in December business meeting convened at 9:17, 16 December 1994. President Covert Beach started with a positive message, "Well, I guess the time has come...." Before the meeting, Beth Zipser told husband Mike to get in the trunk of their car, and he did.

Secretary Lee Strong did not have a WSFA Journal for the 98th time in a row. He reported that he is resigning for the 2d time in a row. <Not too soon for me.>

Treasurer Bob MacIntosh reported $1998.05 in the fund. There was a call for a small party. Dick Roepke whispered, "We're having one."

Trustees Robyn Rissell and Dan Burgess said, "Thank you, Mr. Strong." The club applauded Lee's Mr. Strong's resignation. The Trustees announced that Joe Mayhew is running for Secretary Interregnum. It was suggested that the Secretary write up a memo of appreciation for Lee Strong's works....

Robyn is moving to the Great White North [Michigan]. We need another trustee in the Februaryish time frame. The current crop are Dan Burgess, Paula Lewis and Robyn Rissell.

Dan Hoey, Chairfan of Disclave Present, reported that he is not completely here. <We knew that.> It was a productive November: we had wonderful Disclave parties at Psycon, Philcon and Darkover. He thanked Dave Grim and Steven Fetheroff for their assistance. We are planning Disclave parties at Arisia, Boskone and Lunacon.

Mike Walsh, Pronotionary of Disclave Future, reported nothing new. The Guest of Honor (GOH) will be Michael Swanwick.

Mike Nelson, Chairfan of Disclave Far Future, reported he is "busy, busy, busy." Lissanne Lake will be Art GOH. He asked Lloyd Bentsen to be his Treasurer since the latter quit his day job.

Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, suggested that Bill Clinton's sincerity in offering a tax cut was pretty entertaining. There is also a tree upstairs, waiting to be decorated. There was a lady ginkgo tree on our street.

Covert asked about Committees That I Should Be Forgetting About, and then forgot about them.

Old Business

None. Good!

New Business

Mike Zipser, Consul of the Evening for Fast Forward, requested $300 for distribution of this fine science fiction oriented talk show. Joe seconded the motion. Mike said that the show has deals with Minneapolis-St. Paul and New York City. They are now negotiating with Denver. Scheduled guests include Robert Jordan, Jane Yolene, and Tad Williams. Except for the Sci Fi Channel, this is the only science fiction interview show in the Northeast. The motion was unanimously approved. A tape will be provided for the WSFA Archives. Is The WSFA Network far behind? Or should that be "far forward"?


Lee Strong announced a last chance to submit to the Secretary in writing.

Dick Lynch introduced Seth Goldberg, of California. Seth was the Hugo coordinator for the last 2 Worldcons.

Mike Walsh announced the usual books upstairs. The Bookseller in the U.K. reports the (literary) Bad Sex Award went to The Stonebreakers. And just what type of stones were they breaking?

Chuck Divine is hosting Third Fridays for several months. The Christmas Party is scheduled for 17 December. He will be in Vermont skiing in early January 1995. Therefore there will be a blizzard. He will bring back Vermont cheddar cheese for the Third Friday in January.

Joe did the January "Book World" review for The Washington Post. Pirate Writings now has a regular cartoonist named Joe Mayhew. The club chuckled at Joe's job opportunity. His cartoon will appear in Asimov's, which pays better.

Joe also has a Russian novel by "Zhene Wolf." Harsh Mistress is now known as Absolute Magnitude. There are good new magazines coming up. It is hard to get off sometimes.

Dave Grim appeared on crutches. He announced that he had surgery on his foot to correct his mistake: running when he shouldn't have. He made the last payment on his car.

Dave introduced Frank Hodge, data base manager, historian (European economics and Napoleonics), and recluse.

Elspeth Kovar Burgess announced that Dan Burgess and she had found a new home in the same apartment complex. Maybe we can start brewing the bheer in the closet. They are moving the first full week in June.

George Shaner announced that Madeleine Yeh moved to Arizona, possibly for keeps.

Captain Lance Oszko announced a BISFIS Christmas party and a Geena Davis pirate movie, Cutthroat Island, for next summer.

Joe announced a surprise Birthday Party for Jack Chalker in Baltimore.

Miles _____ said something positive about Piers Anthony's pentology, Bio of a Space Tyrant. Lee Strong said, "Bah!"

Sylvia is going to work for General Motors on 3 January 1995. Things are on the truck on the way.

Mike Walsh is publishing the 1927 fantasy The Marvelous Land of Snergs. He has permission to use J.R.R. Tolkien quotes. He is looking for something amusing to do in the future.

Beth Zipser has a new job in Ballston. She gets a nice big raise. Released from the car trunk, Mike said he will retire, watch soaps, and eat bonbons.

Charles Gilliland moved that we adjourn, and we unanimously adjourned at 9:47.

*** ! ***

The personality that Lee Strong displayed as Editor of The WSFA Journal, 1990-95, is not his base personality. Several people have claimed that Lee has revealed his "true self" or "inner child" during his editorship. Welllllllllll, they're half right.



Place Holding Subhead

The regular First Friday in January business meeting convened at 9:15 approximately on 6 January 1995. President Covert Beach opened with the immortal words, "O.K., close enough."

Secretary Lee Strong again had no WSFA Journal for us. He again announced that he was resigning. Again, the club applauded the resignation. {This guy milks it for all it's worth!}

Treasurer Bob MacIntosh reported $1641.25 on hand. There was no call for a party. Dues are due and payable. Last year's Disclave is getting ready to drop some money into the WSFA Treasury.

Disclave 1994 was absent.

Dan Hoey, Chairfan of Disclave 1995, gave up Disclave parties for Lent and only until Arisia (which is next week). Rates for Disclave went up.

Bob MacIntosh, Chairfan of Disclave 1996, has nothing to report. There are a lot of positions open on staff.

Mike Nelson, Chairfan of Disclave 1997, was not here.

Alexis Gilliland, Chairfan of the Entertainment Committee, has a letter from Virginia. {The whole state?} He was one of the Federal retirees affected by the Virginia state government's inability to count. Alexis decided to join the lawsuit to force the state to make good. John Pomeranz said that members of the bar thank you.

Old Business

Robert E. Lee is very old business. He is also a hero of a science fiction novel by Harry Turtledove, The Guns of the South. I never got around to reviewing it in print, so I worked in this plug.

New Business

Chuck's place in 2 weeks!

There will be an election right after the meeting to elect a Secretary to fill out Lee Strong's unexpired term. Lee expired but the term didn't.


My notes say something about the Secretary, Somtow Sucharitkul, and five dollars. It better not be what I think it is.

John Pomeranz did his Mike Walsh imitation, selling books for $1 each.

Mike Walsh did a quick sidestep to sell books, including Realms of Fantasy, including a J. Potter article.

Terilee Edwards-Hewitt is now holding 3 jobs. She is a research assistant at a university, an eating disorders counselor, and a vision therapist. Jobs for everyone, all for me.

Joe Mayhew is looking for information on a Faust book possibly written by Robert Nye.

Dan Burgess announced that the Burgesses will move 75 meters to a larger apartment aboveground. Dan is now designing and building horse rings. John Pomeranz reminded Dan horses don't have fingers [to wear rings on].

Dan Hoey announced that the Lynch's neighbor's house caught on fire. It spread. Dick and Nicki rescued their cats, Hugos and Mimosas.

Lee Gilliland won a Honorable Mention in a Washington Post Style contest.

Alexis cleaned off his desk. The club went "Ohhh!" in astonishment.

Captain Lance Oszko announced 270 more days to vote for Baltimore Worldcon.

Kitty Jensen announced that Lance needs help. Mike said, "We knew that."

Dan Burgess announced that The New Yorker discovered an unlikely collaboration between Rod Serling and Dr. Seuss.

Judy Kindell announced that Erica Van Dommelen Ginter had a baby girl in California by emergency Caeserian. The newest WSFAn, Lydia Ginter, is doing well. Robyn Rissell has the details. The WSFA Glee Club began singing ##Lydia, the Tattooed Baby Lady##.

In addition to the people mentioned above, Grinner Cleveland, Jim Edwards-Hewitt, Keith Marshall, Walter Miles, Kathi Overton, Tom Schaad, George R. Shaner, Michael J. Taylor, and James Uba were here.

The club unanimously adjourned at 9:35.


The election meeting convened at 9:50 6 January 1995. Jim Edwards-Hewitt acted as Trustee in Robyn Rissell's absence. John Pomeranz moved acceptance of Jim and he was unanimously approved.

The Trustees nominee for Secretary was Joe Mayhew. John again moved acceptance by acclamation, and Joe was unanimously approved. Unanimously adjourned at 9:55.


by Lee Strong
        The Strongbox,
        Alexandria, Virginia

Groucho Marx's famous line certainly describes the last days of my 4 and 1/2 year run as Secretary of WSFA and Editor of The WSFA Journal. There comes a time when you have to leave on your own before they throw you out.

My 9 months of gafiation did not have anything to do with WSFA or any WSFAn. It has everything to do with my mundane job. I have been taking so much stress from the "real world" for so long that I had to give up something in order to get some time to breathe. Unfortunately, WSFA was one of those things.

In retrospect, I should never have run for Secretary for the 1994-95 year. At the time, it looked logical since one stressful assignment was coming to an end, and things seemed to be "getting back to normal." Boy! Was I wrong!

Since then, I have worked one special project after another, often under very stressful conditions. I helped reorganize a 3000 person U.S. Army command that does business around the world. I redesigned the way we award $1.2 Billion worth of business. I prepared a defense of 64 jobs on 2 weeks notice. And I am currently preparing to defend our system redesign in a Congressional hearing. The "big boss" has scheduled some working group meetings until ten P.M. for several nights in a row! It wears a person out.

What little fannish energy that I have after weeks and months of this mundane ******** stuff has gone into executive producing Twilight of the Dogs. This John Ellis film, starring a bunch of WSFAns, has taken much longer to finish than we originally expected, mostly because we have to stop and beg for money every few weeks. But it's getting close to the end, and a lot of people can feel really good about that fact. I certainly do.

What I do not feel good about is letting WSFA down. I'm sorry that I couldn't finish out my last term as Secretary, and I am even more sorry that it has taken me almost a full year to finish The "Lost" WSFA Journal. I apologize to each and every WSFAn that I have inconvenienced.

Well. That's that. Time to look to the future. Things seen to have lightened up a bit. Battling Congress can be exciting as well as scary: we've won 2 out of 2 bouts so far. I think WSFA will soon have to put up with "Lee On The Right" once more!

We've had some fun in the past.

Get ready!

We're about to have some more!