The WSFA Journal July 7, 1995

The WSFA Journal

The WSFA Journal July 7, 1995

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Edited by Joe Mayhew

George R.R. Martin on the Death of Roger Zelazny
WSFA Minutes June 16, 1995 at Ginter's
Fanhistorians Wanted
Octavia Butler Wins MacArthur Grant
Disclave 1996


Wednesday, June 14, 1995

I have been asked to post the sad news that Roger Zelazny died in St. Vincent's Hospital in Santa Fe early this afternoon, of liver failure brought on by colon/rectal cancer. Jane Lindskold, his beloved friend and companion of this past year, was with him when he died, along with his son Trent, and several of Roger's friends from the SF community. His other children, his son Devon and his daughter Shannon, had sat with him for much of the night.

Roger had been fighting the disease with chemotherapy since it was first diagnosed, and the tumor had been in remission for a year, but a few months ago his condition worsened. Roger was an intensely private man, and told only family and a few close friends of his illness. He remained hopeful and optimistic until the last, and was writing right up until a few days ago, and gaming with Jane and his friends from Santa Fe and Albuquerque. He had recently completed an unfinished novel based on a fragment left by Alfred Bester, had done a CD/ROM game with Jane, and was hard at work on a major new science fiction novel, DONNERJACK, which he was extremely excited about.

Many of us who knew Roger for a long time -- myself included -- had never seen him happier or more full of life than he had been during this past year.

Roger had expressed the wish that his friends remember him with a party rather than a religious service, and that is indeed what we plan to do. Fred and Joan Saberhagen have kindly donated their home, and a get-together will be held there in the near future. A date and time have not yet been fixed, but I will post details when I have them for those in the New Mexico area.

For all the rest of the people who loved Roger and his work, we have been talking about organizing a memorial service/reading/party at one of the major upcoming conventions, most likely the World Fantasy Con in Baltimore. Again, I will post further details when I have them.

Roger was a giant, not only one of the finest writers that the genre has ever seen, but the kindliest, gentlest, sweetest man I have ever been fortunate enough to know. We have lost a good one.


Roger Zelazny was a local fan living and working in Baltimore when his work began to appear. He was ours, one of us. That is perhaps why he was WSFA's only three-time Guest of Honor. Not only was he was Disclave GOH in both 1966 and 1979, but Guest of Honor of the 1974 WorldCon DISCON II. In the DISCON II program book, Gordon R. Dickson wrote:

"Every writer who emerges as a master of his or her own style and subject with each new story opens up a further room in that unique universe of the imagination to which only he or she will ever have the key. Once the years of such an author's works are over, the doors to any further rooms will remain eternally locked and only those already open will be left to us. Knowing this makes the accessible rooms that much more valuable from the moment of their unlocking."


Attending: Vice President Terilee Edwards-Hewitt, Sec. Joe Mayhew, Treas. & 96 Chair Bob MacIntosh, Trust. Jim Edwards-Hewitt, Trust. David Grimm, Trust. John Pomeranz, 97 Chair Mike Nelson, Chris Callahan, Steven desJardins, Chuck Divine, Christina Fatula, Alexis Gilliland, Erica Ginter, Dan Hoey, Chris Holte, Eric Jablow, Bill Jensen, Matthew Leger, Brian C. Lewis, Paula Lewis, Richard Lynch, Nicki Lynch, Walter Miles, Lance Oszko, Peggy Rae Pavlat, John Peacock, Sam Pierce, Dick Roepke, Rachel Russell, George R. Shaner, Steven Smith, T R Smith, William Squire, Michael J. Taylor, Michael J. Walsh, Michael Watkins, Miles Weissman.

VP Terilee chaired, Covert having given himself an excused absence. The meeting was called to order at 9:17. No old business was on the agenda.

Bob MacIntosh reported the Treasury at $4,411.46.

DISCLAVE 95: Dan Hoey reminded his managers to give him the names of those who helped.

DISCLAVE 96: Bob MacIntosh is looking for volunteers.

DISCLAVE 97: Mike Nelson grinned hopefully.

4th OF JULY PICNIC: Brian Lewis asked where "The WSFA 4th of July Picnic would be. No one volunteered to sponsor one.

BUSINESS: Joe Mayhew moved that "WSFA elect the 1998 DISCLAVE Chair at the first regular meeting in October (Oct 6, scheduled at Gilliland's)". The motion was passed. The Trustees (all present!) were advised that they should present at least one candidate by the first meeting in September (Sept. 1st). Other nominations would be accepted as per usual. The candidate must be a Charter Member of WSFA, current in dues.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Secretary is putting together a collection of photographs relating to WSFA. Contributions are welcome, also help in identifying some of the faces and places.

The meeting adjourned at 9:42


by Michael Nelson

I am editing the program book for next year's Disclave. One of the many things in this year's program book that I really enjoyed was Joe Mayhew's remembrance of Disclaves past. For the Disclave 1996 program book, I wish to include a comprehensive review of Disclave 1995 that would be assembled from your recollections. Think of it as a bit of fannish history for future fen.

So I am seeking stories about your experiences this year while your memories are still fresh. As an example, I wrote an article about this year's Con Suite for the last issue of the WSFA Journal. Since I was Bob MacIntosh's assistant Con Suite manager, I saw very little of the rest of Disclave 1995. Therefore, I really need your help to get a complete picture of this year's Disclave. Tell me what events and occurrences stand out in your memory. Write about your feelings. Were you pleased? You may write an overall review or concentrate on a single aspect as I did.

Someone once wrote in regards to Noreascon II that everyone attends their own convention. Your Disclave experiences are unique. Please take the time to set them down to share with everyone.



Moshe Feder posted the following:

As reported in the New York Times of June 13, 1995, Octavia Butler is one of the 24 winners of this year's MacArthur Grants, sometimes called the "genius awards." Octavia will get a prize of $295,000 [provided in installments over a five-year period. She'll be given free health insurance as well. There is no restriction on how the money is used. The award is generally intended to encourage and facilitate the recipient's work.

This is an honor not only for one of our finest writers but for the field as a whole. I can't remember any previous occasion when "one of our own" was recognized by an outside entity in this way.

Brava Octavia! Hurrah for Science Fiction!"

Evelyn C. Leeper reposts: "In article, Moshe Feder wrote: " this way. Imagine, someday an SF writer may even win a Nobel Prize. May I live to see the day.

You've already done so: Harry Martinson, author of ANIARIA, won it in 1974."

[Swedish author Harry Martinson's metaphysical story of space travel is probably best known through Karl Birger Blumdahl's opera "ANIARIA" which employed several passages of "music concrete" or music built electronically.

Disclave 1996

The Washington Science Fiction Association. Inc. annual convention
Robert MacIntosh, Chairperson [ address censored ]
Telephone (703) -573-3172

(For the WSFA Journal)


Unfortunately, I have bad news to give. As some already know, the Renaissance Hotel has elected not to have Disclave 1996 on its premises. As you can see in the accompanying letter, the hotel did not give a reason. Although it is unimportant, there are rumors that the Promise Keepers will be back in Washington on Memorial Day, and the hotel may just be able to make more money renting rooms to them than to us. So much for the signed contract.

Naturally, we adjust. In all likelihood, the next contract we create will have in it a penalty to terminating after signatures are affixed. It might not change things like this, but then again. ...

That said, I am hotel hunting. Or better said, Covert Beach is doing much of the preliminary hotel hunting, then telling me where to show to meet with prospective hotel people. That I greatly appreciate. The only thing I can say that at least it is still the summer and this did not happen closer toward winter.

Hopefully, I will have news of a new hotel soon. Until then, have faith. There will be a Disclave 1996.

                                            Bob MacIntosh
                                            Disclave 1996 Chair



June 16, 1995

Mr. Bob McIntosh
Disclave '96 Chairman
Washington Science Fiction Association
[ address censored ]

Dear Mr. McIntosh:

Thank you for the opportunity to host your Disclave 1995. We appreciate your selection of our Hotel for your Disclave 1996.

However, at this time, we find it necessary to exercise the Right of Termination Clause in the contract for the Washington Science Fiction Association Disclave '96 dated April 10, 1995 and signed by yourself and Kim Wiser Kraemer.

This letter will serve as official notification of our cancellation and per the contract the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel will not incur any liquidated damages, actual damages or cancellation fees of any kind.

Tony Mira
Assistant General Manager

999 9th Street, N.W., Washington D.C. 20001 Telephone 1 (202) 898-9000 FAX 1 (202) 789-4213