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"But We Do It So Well!"
The Disclave Horror
Never Flood the Con Hotel
Idiot!  What Were You Thinking!
Which Way to the Ark?
Banned from Disclave
Official Statement
Life Goes On: Disclave 1998 News
Complaints But a Trickle At Gripe Session
"How Do You Rent A Beaver For A Week?"
Drip 'n Dry

"But We Do It So Well!"



The May 2nd First Friday meeting was called to the usual disorder at 9:15.  John said that it was the first Friday in May and that we all know what that means - election! Secretary Mayhew read the trustee's slate: 

· For President: John Pomeranz

· For Vice President: Elspeth Burgess

· For Secretary: Samuel Lubell

· For Treasurer: Bob MacIntosh

· For Trustee: Mike Nelson, Eric Jablow, and Mike Walsh

He added that other candidates are permitted but not required.  These people have entered freely and of own will.

            The treasurer reported a balance of $895.36 which was low because we just paid insurance <just in the nick of time too.>  Disclave very soon to be said this was the last evening to get membership.  There were 218 paid members.  Disclave '96 paid for 76 members and there were 40 dealers and 75-80 program participants and guest.  The main hotel was sold out.  The Part Czar released 24 rooms so there may be a few rooms available.  There is also a Best Western down the road.  John Pomeranz devised a room sharing scheme. There was a Monday hotel meeting in the afternoon noon to two. Volunteers were asked to see Joe.  Dick Roepke mentioned that past Disclaves have had tablecloths, did anyone know what happened to them?  He was told that the good hotel will provide.

            Disclave After This One (Joe) said that he had had a flyer prepared for the back of the program book.  Guest are Terry Bisson, Gene Wolfe, and Nicholas Jainschigg. Memberships were sold at Disclave for $15 and will be $20 through 1997 and $25 thereafter.  Joe urged the use of the web site.  Disclave Far had nothing to say.

            The entertainment committee announced it was bringing us the election.  They tried to have an alternative but everything else was worse.  The vision committee has been placid.  They want people to pass out Alexis' card.  The Photo committee developed pictures and they were shown after the meeting.  Mike Walsh asked, "How much for the negatives?"

            The President said the BBQ for the Polish author was a success.   Everyone had a great time.  "For all those not there, I hope you had a miserable time."  Elspeth brought gifts for WSFA to give the author - A copy of Clute's Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. John reported that the gift caused the author's eyes to light up.  John requested that people cough up some dough and reimburse her for the gift. This caused some arguing among the crowd.  "Children," said the President. "I hate it when you fight."  "But we do it so well!" the group replied.

            The big news was that LA Con sent Bucconeer a check for $21,000 as a pass along. Champaign and caviar in the consuite!  "Don't believe what you read in fanzines" said Alexis after Joe commented about Alexis' fanzine saying that Joe had lost 100 pounds and kept it off.  "30 pounds and I gained five back," Joe set the record straight.

            The meeting unanimously adjourned at 21:40 so people could pay for their memberships.

            The voting set a record for speed.  Not a single person was nominated outside of the trustee's slate, not a single election was contested, and the white paper was never used. WSFA's new suckers officers are:

President: John Pomeranz

For Vice President: Elspeth Burgess

For Secretary: Samuel Lubell

For Treasurer: Bob MacIntosh

For Trustee:   Mike Nelson, Eric Jablow, and Mike Walsh


The Disclave Horror

by Michael Nelson


Several years ago I was given a ride in a sailplane by a friend with a sailplane pilot's license.  I've taken many commercial jet plane rides and even a few rides in helicopters and small propeller-driven commercial aircraft.  Not to mention fishing trips in small boats on the ocean.  So I wasn't expecting to be bothered by a ride in some overgrown paper airplane.

We squeezed into the little cockpit of the rented sailplane-first Robert got into the pilot's seat and then I squirmed into the seat behind him-just like two peas in a peapod.  Then he signaled to the tow plane and off we went.  At first, the ascent felt no worst than an express elevator ride. But most elevators don't do little shimmy actions up and down and side to side.  I started to experience a sensation I had never felt before.  I had read about this phenomenon in stories and had discounted it as a literary device.  But now I knew what an author meant when they wrote someone had "broken out in a cold sweat."  For I had instantly broken out in a cold sweat on that ride.  My body had reacted to this situation in ways new and disconcerting to me.

On the Sunday morning of this past Disclave, I got to experience whole new body reactions.  By now you have heard many stories about Dripclave 1997.  Until we have cleared up some details, I'm afraid we'll have to stay quiet on the whole story.  John Pomeranz will be posting updates on the WSFA web site.

When the fire alarm went off around 5:25 a.m., I was inclined just to stay in bed since I had been up until 3:30 that morning.  Then I remembered that I was the con chair and should go out to investigate the situation.  Fortunately I was still wearing my clothes from the pervious evening.  After a relatively short period of time spent trying to recall where the door was located, I stumbled around the pool toward the rear lobby entrance of the main hotel building.

After making a joke to someone about Disclave's round-the-clock programming, I peered into the back lobby area.  This was when I underwent a brand-new body reaction.  As I stared into the lobby and saw all that falling water and those soaking wet ceiling tiles crashing down, the first thing I thought was, "Oh my god!  What's happening in the Art Show!"  And my body decided that this would be a good time to experience "a sinking feeling."  I mean this wasn't just some "Oh, I've locked my keys in the car" sinking feeling.  My body took all my internal organs and dumped them straight down about two meters below my feet.  In some manner, I found myself transported to the other side of the hotel into the art show area.  Oh good, now my body was adding "in a state of shock" to my list of life experiences.

I met our artist guest of honor, Lissanne Lake, and her significant other, Alan Reid, as they were exiting the art show.  Lissanne hugged me and told me that everything was okay.  Their room had been on the third floor and a falling ceiling tile had provided an early wake-up call.  After I knew the art show was safe, I was able to stuff my trailing guts back in and wander around watching my wonderful committee handle the whole emergency.

Everyone was great-like a family pulling together in a time of need.  Our author guest of honor, Patricia Anthony, was the first person to remind me that we still had a Disclave to put on and suggested we move the tenth floor readings to the con suite.  She even went around the hotel posting schedule change notices for me.  I thank everyone who helped run Disclave.  I especially thank the former Disclave con chairs who gave me the secret "safe word" to use in case I'm ever nominated to chair another Disclave.

What else can I say about Disclave 1997?  We might make the cover of Locus, we have our own section in Nancy Lebovitz's button catalog, and so far we have had three filk songs written about us. All because of a little bit of water.


NOTE:  There have been a lot of rumors going around about the Disclave incident and some of that information found its way into the following songs (all written by fans who are not officials of WSFA.)  These songs are included only so that members of WSFA can familiarize themselves with what people are saying (and singing).  They are in no way to be considered official statements of WSFA.




Words: Steve Brinich

 Music: "Never Set The Cat On Fire" -- Frank Hayes




Don't hoist folks to the sprinkler head

It isn't built to hold them

You need a good strong frame instead

To tie them up and scold them

You'll tear it loose from its supports

And change the game to water sports

Don't hoist folks to the sprinkler head

  No, no, no...

  And mind your manners

  Whatever pleasures ring your bell

  And never flood the con hotel




Words:  Dave Weingart, copyright 1997

Music:  S.S. Titanic


Oh they held an SF con in New Carrollton, MD

And they had some folks who were into B&D

And some New York City cop thought that he would be the top

It was wet when that sprinkler came down


CHORUS:  It was wet, it was wet

         It was wet when the sprinkler came down (Disclave '97!)

         (From) two drunken fen who were into S&M

         It was wet when the sprinkler came down


 Oh his partner was tied up when they thought of something dumb

That they didn't have an anchor point to hang the bottom from

Who'd'a thunk they'd have the gall to use the sprinkler on the wall

It was wet when that sprinkler came down




And then so securely tied she was hoisted in the air

And it looked as though they didn't have a care

Until a lesson learned at length on a thing called tensile strength

It was wet when that sprinkler came down




With the water pouring forth the alarms were set to blaring

Over which you heard the sound of fandom swearing

For it woke us from deep REM just at 5:15 AM

It was wet when that sprinkler came down




Just as fast as you can see water washed out 303

Then it soaked and shut the elevators down

For they tend to go to sleep when the water's six feet deep

It was wet when that sprinkler came down





So when you find yourself in town and you feel like hanging 'round

Just remember Disclave '97's fate

Don't be tempted by the joys, fire sprinklers ain't sex toys

Don't be wet when that sprinkler comes down






"Disclave 97, Or Which Way to the Ark?"

Lyrics (c) 1997 by Perrianne Lurie

Tune: "Rise and Shine" (trad.?)



        Rise and shine and walk to the nearest exit.

        Rise and shine and walk to the nearest exit.

        Rise and shine and walk to the nearest exit,

        Fandom of Disclave.

Ghu said to Nelson, "There's gonna be a floody, floody."

Ghu said to Nelson, "There's gonna be a floody, floody."

"Get your Disclave out of the muddy, muddy."

Fandom of Disclave.


But Michael, he didn't, he didn't believe it, 'lieve it.

Michael, he didn't, he didn't believe it, 'lieve it.

And there was no way to achieve it, 'chieve it.

Fandom of Disclave.


The ASB parties were on the fourth floory, floory.

ASB parties were on the fourth floory, floory.

Everything seemed hunky dory, dory.

Fandom of Disclave.


Til five am on Saturday morning, morning.

Five am on Saturday morning, morning.

When that sprinkler fell without warning, warning.

Fandom of Disclave.


At five fifteen the alarms were blaring, blaring.

Five fifteen the alarms were blaring, blaring.

From that most unnatural pairing, paring.

Fandom of Disclave.


The con com, they opened up the DisCavey, 'cavey.

The con com, they opened up the DisCavey, 'cavey.

And showed a film about the navy, navy.

Fandom of Disclave.


The roof of the DisCave could keep out the rainy, rainy.

Roof of the DisCave could keep out the rainy, rainy.

But the carpet, blocked up the drainy, drainy.

Fandom of Disclave.


It rained and rained for what seemed liked daisies, daisies.

Rained and rained for what seemed liked daisies, daisies.

Fandom's eyes began to glazey, glazey.

Fandom of Disclave.


The Monday sun dried up all of the fansies, fansies.

Monday sun dried up all the fansies, fansies.

Everything was fin'ly dandy, dandy.

Fandom of Disclave.


By Perrianne Lurie



Banned from Disclave

By: Chris Cowan, Laura Anne Gilman, Charles D Gilliland, Marina Frants, and Laurie Mann

To the tune of "Banned from Argo"


Oh, we checked into Disclave con in search of S&M

They only that rules was to stop when we said "when"

We had a jolly session there, a good three hours or four

Now Disclave doesn't want us anymore!



Oh, we're banned from Disclave, everyone!

Banned from Disclave just for having a little fun!

We had a jolly session there, a good three hours or four,

Now Disclave doesn't want us anymore!


We had the ropes, we had the whips, we had the handcuffs too.

All we needed was a place to hoist the bottom to.

There were no frames, there were no hooks, there's nothing there at all-

And then we saw the pipe upon the wall!




We moaned and sobbed and gasped -with glee- and then came that creaking sound

(OH SH!T!)

We stared in fascination as the bottom hit the ground.

Now added to our arcane lore, this fact you can't disown

Water pressure can't be stopped by hands alone!





Now fire alarms are blaring and the ceilings fallen in

The whole con's in the parking lot, with lots of smirks and grins,

They're all pointing fingers at the people from our floor.

And Disclave doesn't' want us anymore!




Note from the WSFA President


I'd like to remind people that there were MAJOR complaints on the newsgroups prior to Disclave about the convention's lack of concern for filkers. I hope the material Disclave provided this weekend satisfies all of those naysayers <grin>.


John Pomeranz

(who neither confirms nor denies any allegations made in song, but is nonetheless amused)


Disclave '97

Official Statement of

the Washington Science Fiction Association


Date: Tuesday, May 27, 1997



Sunday Morning Sprinkler Break Forces Disclave Evacuation


A broken fire sprinkler in the hotel hosting Disclave '97 damaged several rooms and forced the temporary evacuation of the hotel. At approximately 5:15 am on Sunday, May 25, a room sprinkler was damaged on the fourth floor of the Ramada Inn Conference and Exhibition Center in New Carrollton, Maryland. The sprinkler quickly flooded the room in which it was located, adjacent rooms and all the floors below. The fire alarm sounded, and the hotel was evacuated.


About seven guest rooms were affected, and both the elevator lobby and a function room which Disclave used as its Green Room were soaked. Guests with rooms located above the fourth floor, which were not directly affected by the flood, were not permitted to return to their rooms for more than an hour after the evacuation. The main hotel elevators were in the path of the flood and were disabled, and so guests at first could only return to their rooms via the stairs. However, the hotel soon made its service elevator available to the guests. Later in the morning, guests on the remaining floors of the hotel were allowed to return, some to find rooms spared from damage, but some with belongings drenched by the flood. The hotel moved guests with water-damaged rooms to other rooms in the hotel.

The convention and hotel staffs responded well to the emergency. Disclave encouraged fans who were rousted from their beds to head to the DisCave, Disclave's con suite, which was quickly replenished with additional refreshments. Disclave also reopened the film room and began showing videos. The hotel brought in additional staff to clean up the mess and provided complimentary breakfast pastries, coffee and drinks in the lobby for guests who were inconvenienced by the flood. Disclave is grateful to the hotel staff for their friendly and efficient efforts.

The convention continued, despite the disaster. Activities that had been scheduled in the 10th floor function space (made inaccessible by the disabled elevators) and the Green Room (water damaged) were moved to the Con Suite. The scheduled 3:00 PM comment and criticism session was moved to a larger room in anticipation of greater-than-normal attendance, but by that time most members seemed ready to start laughing about the incident. Disclave appreciates the convention members' good humor about the inconvenience.

The Washington Science Fiction Association, the parent organization of Disclave, is discussing the consequences of the incident with the hotel and other parties. Both WSFA and the management of the hotel are eager to resolve the incident as quickly as possible, and discussions have been cordial. Within an hour of the flood, the hotel had already assured WSFA that it was interested in continuing the contract negotiations for next year's Disclave.

Until WSFA and its officers know all of the details and while we are considering our options, the club will not make any public statements about the cause of the incident or the potential liability of any party. Rumors have already begun to spread (and mutate), with the predictable mix of fact, speculation and pure fantasy. As science fiction fans, we appreciate the literary merit of these rumors, but cannot discuss their specifics at this time. As more information becomes available, it will be posted on the WSFA web site (, and there may be additional announcements to the newsgroups. 

Meanwhile, we are selling memberships for Disclave '98. The convention's honored guests will be Terry Bisson, Gene Wolfe, and Nicholas Jainschigg. The con will be held Memorial Day weekend May 22-25, 1998. Memberships are $20 through December 31, 1997. Make checks payable to Disclave 1998 and mail to the convention's chair, Joe Mayhew, 7-S Research Rd., Greenbelt, MD 20770-1776. For more information about Disclave '98, check the WSFA web page or contact the Joe Mayhew at


Contact: Washington Science Fiction Association



Rumors to Dry Up

by Samuel Lubell

WSFA Would Like to Officially Squash the Following Rumors:

1.      James Morrow did NOT take the flooding of the hotel as the signal to declare that the Apocalypse was here

2.      Art GOH Lissanne Lake did NOT forswear the use of watercolors forever.

3.      It was NOT (as far as we know) a plot by the button makers to sell more buttons.

4.      NO author was heard considering writing a book in which both a sprinkler incident and a hurricane hit the same hotel the same day before rejecting it as unrealistic.

5.      NO memberships were sold to water molecules

6.      Chair Mike Nelson did NOT deliberately draw the wrath of Neptune nor was he heard yelling to the sky, "Go ahead, I dare you!"

7.      The floods were in NO way related to Disclave '98 chair Joe Mayhew's consideration that Disclave be a "dry" con.

8. Author GOH Patricia Anthony did NOT plan the floods as a stunt to promote the upcoming Titanic film to further the career of the guy who bought the rights to make the film of Brother Termite.

9.      An episode of Murder One was NOT made about this convention in less than 24 hours albeit with the details slightly garbled.  (Seriously, I mean would they really do an episode about a law professor named Pomeranz hanging himself from a pipe?)

10.WSFA is not planning to buy a horse to sacrifice to Poseidon before the next DripDisclave


Life Goes On Dept.


by Joe Mayhew, Chair



     Disclave 1998 will kick off with a party for those interested in working on the Con at Bill Mayhew's house at 11411 Cedar Lane, Beltsville, MD 20705 (Phone: 301-595-7920).  If you've been able to find your way to the meetings a Erica Ginter's, you're almost there.  Once you're on Montgomery Ave., instead of turning at 43rd, go straight, past the flashing red light at Selman Rd, and turn right onto Cedar Lane (third right after Selman).  Bill has a small parking area in front of his brick house, and you can park in the Methodist Church Parking lot across the street. His back yard is a couple of acres and we can go inside if need be.  It's a nice place for a party.  Some liquid refreshments, chips and hot-dogs, etc. will be provided, but you are invited to contribute a covered dish sort of thing.  There will be no business agenda, but I expect a lot of schmoozing and maybe some good ideas will come up.  We'll probably have a bon-fire with storytelling and stuff.


     Naturally there are lots of committee slots left.  So far it

looks like this:

Chair = Joe Mayhew

Chair Apparent & Treasurer = Sam Pierce

Vice Chair for Huxter Affairs = Michael J. Walsh

Registrar = Bill Mayhew

Publications = Evan Phillips

Information = Dan Hoey

Art Show = Judy Kindell

Program = Sam Lubell

Green Room = Mike & Beth Zipser

     Some of the committee positions are going to be re-defined, and some differences have also emerged. For instance An Emergency Life Boat Coordinating Committee might be formed.  If you'd like to do something, or have ideas, please PUT IT IN WRITING so I'll remember it. 

     Some decisions have already been made (e.g. The area behind the Con Suite will not be used as a smoking area, we will not provide room blocks for any other activity groups wanting to use Disclave as a gathering point.) But there are lots of decisions to be made.  I intend to continue having designer beer in the con suite -- but much depends on where we will be.  It is my hope to return to the Ramada at New Carrollton.  If that is not possible, I will find us another venue.  Please do not contact hotels for me. If you know of a good place, you may tell me about it, but do not tell them we are looking.

     We sold 129 memberships at Disclave and '97 bought 50 memberships for those who worked.  So far we have 179 advance members.  A check for 50 memberships from an out-of-town fan, who was at the con, reached me indirectly. I have returned it as I don't want anyone but Disclave selling memberships.

     Memberships are now $20. When Huxter tables go on sale they will be $75 and include one membership.




Complaints But a Trickle At the Gripe Session


Note: Spelling of names is more or less random.  I wasn't close enough to read people's badges.  I figure what people said was more important. Besides, you know who you are.


            The annual Gripe session was moved to a bigger room (and renamed the Wrath of Con.)  But actually the complaints were fairly minor and the praise for coping with disaster was lavish.

            Joe Mayhew started the session off by saying he hoped the session would not just discuss the dramatic things, but also the things we can do something about.  Some subjects we can't respond to fully because some stuff is still in the air.

            Michael Nelson said that the committee is taking this morning incident very seriously.  We will be taking the next weeks if not months with the hotel and insurance company.  Everyone who stayed in the hotel is tired.  Take a deep breath.  Have a little understanding that if any of us get upset it is because we are tired. I'd like to thank the committee. They leapt into action like a well oiled machined thingy while I ran around in circles.  Since early this morning I've been walking and thinking. That's dangerous.  Thinking about the spin doctoring.

            Good news: We'll make the cover of Locus.  We made Nancy's Buttons sell a lot of buttons.  This was really a surprise exercise by the Bucconeer Committee. And it was an X-Files plot episode.

            Priscilla Olson offered her congratulations to the committee for the way they handled themselves at 5:30 AM.  To come down and find you had arranged a video program, breakfast, and coffee and did so as a pleasant, well-oiled machine.

            Joe Mayhew thanked the hotel for coping very well. Their speed was miraculous.  They were good at giving us info.  We tried to maintain good relations and think that was done.

            Bob Sax said we had the benefit of old familiar surroundings <but we were never in the New Carrollton Ramada!>  The Dealer's Room was good, up to usual.  The Art Show was its usual good self although we could regularize the pattern. The DisCave suffered from the lack of sound baffles.  He liked the comfortable couch.  We need to do something about the dance to make it of more use.  Only DJ five people and three watchers when he went in.

            Joe suggested that he would like to do a Klezmer band one night (lots of applause).  He has thought about a wedding reception <mazel tov, Joe! Who's the lucky bride?>, or a record hop.  Things you can shake your body to or honky tonk.  Not do acid stuff or intellectual.

            Kim Austin had her 10th anniversary Disclave. She's not missed a Disclave. This hotel is a little run-down, but then so are we.  Things happen.  She hopes this not happen again. She was amazed at how everyone stayed calm and didn't panic.  But she added, I'm a smoker, the smoking room was not equal.  We're paying members and have a right to the same consideration.

            Joe pointed out that the room is not zoned for smoking, we had to get special permission.

            Kim added that the room was bare.

            Joe said that we were worried about smoke in the couches.  Mike added that we provided you with a room that we could have used for other things.  Part of it was budget, part of it was manpower.  We tried to accommodate you.  Joe added, we are not entertainers.  You become a member, you become part of it. Anyone can get involved in it sooner.

            Kim said that she lives in the `80s and we have had some good dances.  Friday night's dance could have been better.

            Keith Lynch asked how many members, was there an increase or decrease?  Smokers are entitled to the same con suite as everyone else.  I'm a bikist, but I don't demand a room to bike.

            John said that there were about 700 members, up from last year at a time when 50 or so members are at Costume Con.  This is not only an increase this year, but I hope to see even more next year.  Joe pointed out that memberships are $15 here,  $20 after, and $25 next year.  It is his hope that we will be here, but can't guarantee it.  John added that the first thing the hotel said to him this morning is that they know we are negotiating [next year] and hope we will continue.

            Hank Smith said that he thinks the hotel is the pits. He had to kick the door open and slam door shut (others said they had the same problem.)  He told the hotel and got reconfigured.  He thought that this was the reason for the robbery.

            Joe said because the hotel got fixed up, it became more attractive to thieves.  John said that the hotel checked the room that was robbed and the door there did slam.

            Kent Bloom said that problems with break ins and thieves not unique to this con.  He remarked on how Eastercon in Liverpool had 2 burglaries.  It happens everywhere you have something to steal.

            Sam said We've been in hotels with lots of security; we can't afford it.  He's happy to be here, like home.

            Mark Blackman said that he had trouble parking. The back lot is too far to carry things.  He is happy at the turnout and surprised considering the lack of publicity. In the past did a four page flyer and sent it out to pre-registration.  This year's flyer didn't even mention the Amtrak stop.

            Joe promised a more legible and useful flyer. He will do two mailings.  John asked who saw the web page.  75% of hands went up.  He asked for people to comment.  Mike asked if anyone was attending their first Disclave; no hands went up. He added that the person doing publicity worked hard.

            Laurie Mann said she is not as negative on hotel as Hank, but not thrilled.  Some of us liked being in town.  She realized that it was more expensive and hard for young people and artists. Still, once in a while, it is nice to be in town.

            Perrianne said the lighting in art show bad. There were dark spots and glare. Some directions in restaurant guide would have been useful.  Do a map. She never found the beltway plaza <...She will ride forever near the beltway plaza, she's the fan who finally came home, welcome back!>

            Sam Pierce said that the lighting dates to Constellation. Next year we will replace it all with new stuff from Bucconeer.  Joe said we are volunteers.  We could only do what we can with who we have.  Volunteers are needed.  The best part of the con and the most fun is setting up on Thursday.

            Priscilla Olsen said that the Disclave Con Suite is the best on the east coast, and the heart of Disclave.  But this year it needed more decoration.  The coffee was wonderful.  But when people are sleeping on couches, others can't sit on them.

            Joe said we are going to have someone in charge of decoration.  We will buy and extra filter for soda machine (loud applause).  We will be doing dry munchies, chocolate, cookies but no wet food, no dips, nothing needing clean up.  It will be a place to meet.

            Priscilla said she liked the coffeeklatches.  It was good to have more interactive programming.

            Joe said that there will be no children's programming. There will be things to do with your children but not separate.  John said that Erica did the cake.  The best part was that you got to see her assemble it.

            Chris Callahan said that it was wonderful to be back at Disclave.  The programming by Judy was wonderful.  She has been to more events here than at other cons.  The problem was person with room next to filking felt like they were keeping time by banging on the wall. 

            John answered that we started coordinating the filking late. There was a big controversy on USENET.  Joe promised no piggy-back activities.  We are now allowing groups to book rooms and people will be limited to two rooms.  Many people in these rooms were not registered.  Others of these rooms were blocked out but not taken.  I want to arrange it so that people from far away get these rooms.

            Winton Mathews said that the size of names on tags is minuscule.  Joe said will have large names.  Others in the group said they want to have the places listed too.  Covert said he wants to have a minimum of human intervention on the badge making program so listing places is hard.  Kim Austin suggested doing what they do at EveCon and sealing the badge.  John said that this would be expensive.

            Neal Einstein said that he enjoyed the coffeeklatches and that we had a real coup getting Neverwhere.  John plugged Dave Wedland and Joe added Lance Oszko's name. 

            Rick Seagull thanked Covert Beach for keeping track of people.  If possible, don't run things with a big event on Friday since at Disclave people tend to be more relaxed about when they arrive.  Joe said that last year Friday night we did a Don't Quit Your Day Job band that was well attended.  Maybe we could do something like that.

            Dave Weingart said that we had a really good room for filking.  This was a good thing.  Lynn Aibrric said that there was a custom to have soda at the filksinging.  Joe said that it would help if we had a filk liaison. Dick Roepke said that the hotel was willing to provide water until the hotel people went to bed.  John said that there was soda available at the con suite waiting to be taken up to filking.  Judy said that filking that night would be in the art show room <which didn't work out because it was too close to a very loud dance and film.>

            Erica Ginter invited people to attend WSFA meetings. She personally invited them to her home for the third Friday of the month.  Lee Gilliland chimed in, and that goes for the first Friday meeting too. Joe thanked them and described what goes on at a WSFA meeting.  We get together and schmooze.  <So that's what were supposed to be doing here, I've been wondering>

            Bob Sax thanked the con suite staff for the food, the fondue,  etc. but he could have lived without the cold frankfurters.

            Rick Seagull said that he was worried about Joe's plans for the DisCave since you said more carbohydrates and junk food. He suggested having more food that is not high fat, not salty, but is nutritious.  Joe said we will have carrot sticks and stuff.  But we will be more sanitary.  We will not compete with a restaurant.  Erica said I buy food for the con suite.  Trust me.  Not all of it will be dull and boring.  Joe added, we do not want a sanitation problem.

            Jim Kasprzak said we should have both. What made Disclave his favorite a few years ago was participant with art and games in the DisCave.

            Priscilla Olsen said, if you want something, get involved in the convention and make it happen.  That's the best way.  Everyone who does things here is a volunteer.  When you volunteer, you feel good about the convention because you know that you produced it.  Joe said that those out-of-town could participate through the web page and email.  John said that on that note there is lots of work here at the end of the convention.  He'd like to see his belief in fandom <clap your hands if you believe in fandom> carried through by having people volunteer to clean up.  He is very pleased that people have been involved and helping.

            Hank Smith wondered why there was no programming on Monday.  Joe said that Monday is our dead dog party.  It is time to hang out and relax.  We started doing it since 1973 when we moved to Memorial Day. 

            Keith Marshall commented that finding the service elevator was hard.  Ira Donawitz said that when he checked in, the desk didn't know how to handle two people with two different credit cards.

            Joe thanked the volunteers, Mike thanked people for supporting him, and Priscilla thanked the committee for some good work. 

"How Do You Rent A Beaver For A Week?"



Chairman Pomeranz banged the contraband rum at 9:15 on May 16, 1997 at the Ginters' to start what he called the "Last WSFA meeting of my term."  "You mean of your first term."  "Oh, dam!"  He was wearing his pre-Disclave hat and drinking his rum.  "I am ready to party."  He announced the official results of the suspenseful election: President John Pomeranz, Vice President Elspeth Burgess, Secretary Samuel Lubell, Treasurer: Bob MacIntosh, and Trustees Mike Nelson, Eric Jablow, and Mike Walsh. 

            The treasury reached a low point of $859.60 prompting people to urge buying Disclave memberships as gifts for their fathers.  "My dad already has one," said George Nelson.  "Buy him another one!" urged Bob. 

            Disclave '97 announced he is looking forward to Disclave two weeks from that meeting.  "You mean it's next week?" he was surprised.  "I already have plans."  "You certainly do!" boomed the club.  "There will be a Disclave" he insisted.

            Elspeth asked "How do you rent a beaver for a week? I've always avoided them in the past." This caused no end of jokes even after the club figured out she was asking about beepers.  There was lots of other Disclave stuff.  Disclave 98 announced it will be selling memberships for $15 at the con.  Disclave 99 thanked us very much and said that his GoH Robert J. Sawyer rode the enthusiasm for his selection all the way to a Hugo nomination for his novel Starplex

            The entertainment committee announced itself entertained by the Knicks v. Miami game.  "Almost as much fun as Congress."  It announced it was bringing us Disclave.  Joe said that the Washington Post will be printing his reviews including a review of God's Fires by Pat Anthony.  There was no old or new business (save Disclave stuff) and the meeting adjourned at 9:56.


Attendance:   Pres. John Pomeranz, VP Elspeth Burgess, Sec & 98 Chair Joe Mayhew, Treas. Bob MacIntosh, Trust. & 97 Chair Mike Nelson, 99 Chair Sam Pierce, Eric and Sue Baker, Covert Beach, Bernard Bell, Darrin Dowty, Alexis and Lee Gilliland, Erica Ginter, Eric Jablow, Bill Jensen, Judy Kindell, Corey Kliewer, Samuel Lubell, Keith Lynch, Keith Marshall, Bill Mayhew, Walter Miles, George Nelson, Barry and Judy Newton, Meridel Newton, Lance Oszko, Dick Roepke, Juan Sanmiguel, Michael and Ronald Taylor, James Uba, Ginny Tracy, and Michael Watkins.


Drip 'n Dry


The 1997 Disclave Hoaxzine

Soggy Mon AM

Perpetrated by Samuel Lubell


Chairman Mike and the Ark

"How big is a cubit?" chairman Mike Nelson asked the con committee on Friday, before the con. Joe was about to give a detailed Biblical exegesis when Bob MacIntosh asked, "Why do you ask." The reply was shocking. "I think that Ghod wants us to build an ark for a Disclave event." "Why?!?" the whole committee was shocked.

"The signs and portents are everywhere" answered the Chairman. "The hotel television is showing Waterworld no matter what station I click. My faucet is leaking in my hotel bathroom. And the soda machine is full of chlorinated water."

"The hose on the soda machine was not food-rated, it is the nature of faucets to leak, and Waterworld cost so much that they are trying to make up the cost by showing it as often as possible," answered John Pomeranz.

"Yes but how do you explain my vision? I was in my hotel room when suddenly I noticed a rain cloud above the fake potted plant which doesn't even need watering. It rained and rained on the plant without the water going anywhere and I heard a voice, `I am the Lord thy Ghod. Know thee that just as this plant is watered yet is not drowned, so shall Disclave get a little wet but will not sink.'"

"The stress is getting to you," said Dick Roepke. "Why don't you have something to drink." He brought Mike a glass of water, but just as he was about to drink it, the whole glass spilled all over the table.

And it was very early in the morning (5:15 to be precise) of Sunday when the prophecies began to be fulfilled. Mike didn't say I told you so, when a little asb hanging unleashed the wrath of Ghod in the form of a massive flood that brought sirens upon the hotel and electrical failures upon the elevator. But he did start measuring out space for the ark in the parking lot. That night it began to rain, and rain, and rain. The rain invaded the exhibit center and threatened to swamp the con suite. Fans were running and being soaked and the pool began to overflow.

"It is time to build the ark," said Chairman Mike. "But how big is a cubit?"

Disclave Program Changes

Film Program