The WSFA Family Album


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Welcome, but this area isn't really open to the public yet. What's here are 264 pictures with a very basic html structure to display them. Better organization will follow and will preceed creation of a link from the rest of WSFA's web site.

One organizing idea is to get various people to author personal tours; some text about WSFA or DISCLAVE from their perspective illustrated with selected pictures from this collection. Interrested?

This is the complete set of all pictures accumulated to date, but reduced to a height of 175 pixels, sharpened, and stored in jpeg format with light compression. In this form, viewing should not tax the capabilities of any pc equipped with a web browser. They occupy less than 10 megabytes, and could probably be presented better and in less space with some culling of lesser quality images and duplicates, some attention to cropping, and more finely tuned compression.

The master scans are at 600 dpi, and stored as compressed tiff they occupy about 4 gigabytes. They have enough detail to produce higher resolution sets for a CD to meet the best capabilities of any pc and browser. In fact, they probably have more pixels than the quality of some photos merit.

The tiff set should be used for all retouching and cropping. This set should be handy for finding what you're after, or give you an idea of what the collection is about. Got anything to contribute?