The BEST SF Links

You can find more comprehensive lists of SF sites (in fact, click on some of the links below and you will find more comprehensive lists), but these are our favorite sources of basic information about SF on the Internet. Almost everything fannish on the Net is just a few clicks away from this point.
WSFS World Science Fiction Society.
The unincorporated literary association that runs the World Science Fiction Convention. You'll find links to all seated (and some past) Worldcons and NASFiCs here.

Bids Worldcon & NASFiC Bids
Information about groups seeking to host the World Science Fiction Convention and North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC).

SFRG The Science Fiction Resource Guide
This page contains an extensive collection of links to SF resources on the Net. Subject areas include other archives and resource guides, authors, art and artists, bibliographies, movies, television, bookstores, book reviews, role-playing games, zines, etc.

SF Lovers SF-Lovers
A net presence since 1979. Dedicated to providing information of interest to the fan of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and related genres.

AwardWeb: SF Awards & More! AwardWeb
Lists of winners and nominees of awards such as the Hugo and the Nebula. The focus of this site is SF, but other awards are included as well.

Fannish E-Mail Directory.
This site contains more than 3,000 electronic addresses and web sites of fans, professionals and groups located throughout the world. (Non-commercial use only!)

Faan Terms.
Fandom has it's own slang. Here's the best web-based guide to the faanish argot, from "@! Party" to "Zine."

A group of technically minded fen that delight in audio, visual and telecommunications equipment. These are the people that typically handle A/V requirements for most major cons on the east coast.

Mimosa Online
The online version of the Hugo-Award-winning fanzine by WSFA members Richard & Nicki Lynch.

A Science Fiction/Fantasy Review Magazine.

Science Fiction Awards Watch
Lists of Awards given in the field of Science Fiction and Fantasy, with discussion boards

The History of Science Fiction: a Chronological Survey
A History of Science Fiction


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