Directions to Capclave 2002

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How to get to Capclave 2002

By car: See the hotel's directions page. Hotel valet parking is $6 per day ($8 overnight) for registered guests and depends upon available space. There is a public garage across the street; parking there is free from 7:00 PM Friday to 6:00 AM Monday. The public parking garage is located on the corner of Colesville Road and Spring Street, directly across from the Hilton on Colesville Road. The entrance is located on Spring Street.

By Metro: The hotel is a short walk from the Silver Spring Metro station on the Red Line. From anywhere in Washington DC, any Red Line train to Glenmont will get you there. After exiting the Silver Spring station, just walk northeast on Colesville Road.

The Hilton Silver Spring is located on the south side of Colesville Road.

Use the north Colesville Road station exit (the exit in the direction of Glenmont) since part of the sidewall on the south side of Colesville Road is closed for constuction. Head toward the McDonalds restaurant. The hotel is approximately a 15 minute walk.

There are also Red Line trains that say "Silver Spring" instead of "Glenmont". Those will of course also get you there.

(The last train of the night departs Silver Spring for downtown at 1:46 am on Friday and Saturday nights, and at 11:46 pm on Sunday night.)

Metro from local airports:

Metro from Amtrak, VRE, or MARC: Go to Washington DC's Union Station, and catch a Red Line train going in the direction of Glenmont.

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