Disclave 1979

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May 25-28 at the Sheraton Park Hotel in Washington, DC.
Membership $3.00 thrugh Feb 28, $5. thru May 1, $6. after
Rooms $29. single, $36. double, $43. triple $45. quad.
Guest Of Honor: Roger Zelazny  (Art GOH Michael Whelan)
Chair: Alan Huff
Accountant: Jim Thomas
Program (& program schedule): John Ellis, Asst: Fran Buhman
Art Show: Joe Mayhew, Asst: Tom Schaad
Program Book: Dan Joy & credits to Somtow Sucharitkul, Tom Joll, Alexis and
Doll Gilliland, Mark Owings, Joe Mayhew & Dave Bischoff.
Costume Party: Nancy Handwork
Zelazny Players: Ray Ridenour (also Director) Beverly Brandt, Fran Buhman
      (also Associate Director), Chris Callahan, John Ellis, Nancy Handwork
      (also Costume Mistress, David Hastie, Alan Huff, Ginny McNitt, Bob
      Oliver, Rosa Oliver, Janet Prato
Films: Kim Weston
Registration: Lee Smoire, Asst: Beverly Brandt
Gofers: Rosa Oliver
Parties: Bob Oliver
International Cookie Conspiracy: Alexis Gilliland
Publicity and Advertising: Tom Schaad & Dan Joy
Huckster's Room: Mike Walsh

Program Particpants: Roger Zelazny, Joan D. Vinge, Ted White, Michael Whelan,
      Ron Miller, Tom Canty, Dexter Dickinson, Hal Clement, Jonathan Eberhart,
      Banks Mebane, Charles Sheffield, David Bischoff, Norman Spinrad, Somtow
      Sucharitkul, Steven Spruill, Tom Monteleone, Gardner Dozois, Jay
      Haldeman, Chris Lampton,l Paul Halpine, Jim Baen, Stuart Schiff, Jim
      Frenkel, Sharon Jarvis, Sheila Crossley, Linda Bushyager & "The Zelazny

PROGRAM  (Main Program items introduced by Zelazny Players skits) The times in
      the Pocket Program were difficult to interpret.
Saturday  : Movies Noon - 4:00 PM Huckster Room open 10 - 6:00 (?)
Noon: Opening Ceremonies
12:30: HUMOR IN SCIENCE FICITON: R. Zelazny, G. Dozois, Jay Haldeman, Alexis
      Gilliland (Mod)
2:00 WHERE DO YA GET THEM CRAZY IDEAS? Joan D. Vinge, Chris Lampton, Paul
      Halpine, Jim Baen, J. Chalker (Mod.)
      READING: Somtow Sucharitkul
3:??  THE EDITORS OF MARS. Stu Schiff, G. Scithers, J. Frenkel, Sharon Jarvis,
      Gardner Dozois (Mod.)
      READING: Linda Bushyeager
6:30: Meet the Artists Party
8:00; Art Auction
10:00: Dramatic Presentation: LIGHTS, CAMERA, PLAGIARISM. The Zelazny Players.
12:00: Movies until appx 4 AM

SUNDAY Movies 11 AM- 2:00, Huxters open 10 - 8??  Art show 10 - 2:00.
11:30 GOH SPEECH: Roger Zelazny
12:30? ART RELATIONSHIPS: S.F. vs MUNDANE (fine art): Mike Whelan, Ron Miller,
      Tom Canty, Dexter Dickinson (Mod.)
      READING: Joan D. Vinge.
2:00 Art Auction
2:15? SPACE PROGRAM, DOLLARS AND SENSE. Hal Clement, Ron Miller, Jonathan
      Eberhart, Banks Mebane, Charles Sheffield (Mod.)
      READING: Ted White
3:30 RELIGION AND SYMBOLISM IN S.F. : D. Bischoff, N. Spinrad, Somtow
      Sucharitkul, Steve Spruill, Tom Monteleone (Mod.)
8:00 READING: Roger Zelazny.
9:00 Movies until appx 4:AM


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