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Announcement: WSFA Press publishes Reincarnations by Harry Turtledove.

The WSFA Press Website has now been launched. Now you can own one of the rare volumes produced by WSFA's own internal press. From 1989 to 1992 WSFA Press published one book each year to honor the Guest of Honor of our annual convention (Disclave at the time). In 2005 WSFA Press was returned from suspended animation to produce the Future Washington anthology. And now in 2009, WSFA Press lives again, returning to its roots to publish Reincarnations by Harry Turtledove, containing six stories never-before-reprinted, an original story, story notes, and an introduction by Sheila Williams, the editor of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. Come to the WSFA Press Website and preorder your copy of Reincarnations, or purchase one of our previous literary endeavors. Note: All copies of Reincarnations will be mailed out the week after Capclave. However, if you are going to be attending Capclave, choose the Capclave Special, pick up your copy at the convention, and save yourself the shipping charge to boot.

Announcement: The finalists for the WSFA Small Press Award have now been released. Please checkout the WSFA Small Press Award website for details.

The Washington Science Fiction Association is the oldest science fiction club in the greater Washington area. Its members are interested in all types of science fiction and fantasy literature as well as related areas such as fantasy and science fiction films, television, costuming, gaming, filking, convention-running, etc.

WSFA meets the first and third Fridays of every month at approximately 9:00 pm. Non-members are encouraged to attend. Club meetings include a brief business meeting, after which the group gathers informally over light refreshments to talk about just about anything including (on occasion) science fiction literature and media. Meetings are held in members' homes in Virginia and Maryland. For more information and directions, e-mail WSFA, or write to us at:
WSFA c/o Sam Lubell
11801 Rockville Pike #1508
Rockville, MD 20852

WSFA hosts Capclave (the Capital Conclave), its annual science fiction convention. Capclave attracts sf fans, authors, editors, publishers, and artists from around the region. Activities include panels on topics related to SF, a Dealers' Room selling new and used books and other curious oddities, an Art Show displaying science fiction artwork that may be purchased, filking, gaming, and parties.

From 1950 through 1997 WSFA hosted Disclave (the District of Columbia Conclave). Disclave has been replaced with Capclave.

WSFA sometimes sponsors other events such as "Fifth Friday Parties," film screenings, and barbecues. For more information, check our calendar of upcoming events.

We'd be happy to tell you more about joining WSFA.


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