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NOTE: Due to spammers, we can not simply publish our email addresses on the web anymore. Such is life. But fear not, all is not lost. There are several people you might wish to reach:

  • The '' of this site
  • The '' of the club
  • The '' of the club
  • The '' of the WSFA Journal (also secretary and head of publications)
If you have javascript active*, and an email program on your computer, just clicking on one of the above names will speed you on your way towards getting your message where it belongs. If not, you can still get the message you want to the person above "@" our site ... Just put the two together and all should be well.

We apologize for the necessity of this rather around-the-barn obfuscation, but the utterly immense volumes of spam, and the ingenuity of the spammers in collecting addresses, have precluded the much politer method of just putting it out in the open.

We do want to hear from anyone who has anything to ask or to say about WSFA, Capclave, WSFA meetings, other WSFA-sponsored events, WSFA members, the WSFA Journal, or our web site, or who wishes to announce an upcoming DC-area event of possible interest to WSFA members (for instance conventions, author readings and signings, science-related or SF-related talks, used book sales, etc.).

Even still, we are forced to apply some level of spam filtering, so the easiest way to make sure your message goes through is simply to put the phrase "WSFA:" at the beginning of your subject line. We've taught our spam filter to go easier on such messages.

If you don't get a reply within a week, please assume that your message may have been deleted, and try again. If all else fails, you can send paper mail to:
WSFA c/o Sam Lubell
11801 Rockville Pike #1508
Rockville, MD 20852

*If you are using Firefox as your browser, the webmaster recommends an extension called "noscript". This allows you to pick and choose which sites are allowed to run scripts, rather than having to accept a blanket on/off policy.


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This page was created 23 December, 2002. This page was last updated 27 September 2007.