WSFA Members (and Others)

The list of WSFA members (and others) who wished to be listed, along with their e-mail addresses and web pages, has been moved to
Replace the X with the name of the large convention held in Baltimore in August/September of 1998.

A similar list also appears on the back page of the January 2000 WSFA Journal. (The hardcopy version only.)

I regret the necessity of making this information harder to find, but it's no longer possible to keep addresses that are easily accessible on the web from being inundated with garbage from every two-bit swindler.

Alternatively, e-mail me to request that I e-mail you the information. In your request, you must include, and agree to, the following paragraph:

I agree that I will use these e-mail addresses only for one-to-one correspondence. I will not send a commercial solicitation or a request for charitable donations to any of them. I will not use any of them for mass-mailing. I will not sell or give away any of these addresses. I will not send a chain letter to any of these addresses. (Chain letters include anything that asks the recipient to pass along the message to others, and to have those others do the same. They include not just get-rich-quick schemes but also warnings of pending legislation (most of them bogus), requests for cards for a dying boy (he got better and has grown up), and warnings of computer viruses.) I will not send threats to any of these addresses (including threats of bad luck if my e-mail isn't forwarded to several other recipients). I will not send messages longer than 500 lines or 20 kilobytes without the recipient's permission. I will not send messages containing graphics, pictures, sounds, PDF, or MSWord attachments without the recipient's permission. (Such attachments tend to be too large for many recipients, and unreadable by many recipients.) I will not send computer viruses, trojan horses, worms, or other malicious code. I agree to pay WSFA $500 if I violate any of these terms.

Again I apologize for treating friendly visitors this way. We're open to suggestions of how we can avoid doing this without subjecting ourselves to an unending torrent of spam.

If you'd like to have your name, e-mail address, and/or URL added to our list, or update a current listing, please send a message to WSFA's webmaster. We are happy to list other fen from the Washington/Baltimore area in addition to WSFAns. Eventually we hope to provide a central listing of all online fen in the greater Washington area.


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This page was created 28 February, 1997. This page was last updated 22 December, 2002.