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WSFA.ORG was hosted for free by MAI.NET from February 1997 until April 2002. Since then, the hosting costs have been paid for by:

April/May 2002Erica Ginter/Karl Ginter and Associates
May/June 2002Lee Gilliland
June/July 2002Samuel Lubell
July/August 2002Brian Lewis
August/September 2002Rich & Nicki Lynch
September/October 2002Sheri Bell
October/November 2002Bob MacIntosh
November/December 2002Cathy Green
December/January 2002/2003Michael Walsh/Old Earth Books
January/February 2003Cathy Green
February/March 2003Steve Smith
March/April 2003Nicki Lynch
April/May 2003Scott Hofmann
May/June 2003Bob MacIntosh
June/July 2003Colleen Cahill
July/August 2003Scott Hofmann
August/September 2003Steve Smith
September/October 2003Eric Jablow
October/November 2003Judy & Barry Newton
November/December 2003George Shaner
December/January 2003/2004Judy Kindell
January/February 2004YOUR NAME HERE


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