WSFA Email Lists

WSFA has several email lists:

Please contact me about any of these lists.

I guarantee all messages posted to the lists I run (all but the last two listed) to be free of viruses, worms, web bugs, HTML, attachments, pop-ups, pop-unders, and anything else potentially dangerous or unwelcome. Email containing any such that's directed to the chat list will go to me instead. Email that's over 90k in length directed either to me or to the chat list will be discarded unread. I apologize for the inconvenience, but the trillions of spams, viruses, and other junk messages that have made email nearly unusable have left me no alternative.

Colleen Cahill maintains a list of members' email addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers, intended for one-on-one communication. This list is not available on the web, but Colleen will email it to any WSFA member who wants it. Please use her list only for one-on-one communications. People who aren't subscribed to the chat list presumably don't want messages intended for all WSFAns.

There's a list of members' email addresses that was formerly at After it got spammed four years ago, I moved it to a semi-secret URL that anyone in fandom should be able to figure out after looking in the original location. This list is seriously out of date, and I may discontinue it.

There's a Capclave LiveJournal at It was created by Elizabeth Twitchell in March 2005. It's open to everyone interested in WSFA's annual convention, Capclave.

There's a WSFA Wiki at It was created in April 2005 by Steve Smith. It's open to everyone interested in WSFA.


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